Steam N Fresh provides cutting-edge disinfecting and sanitizing services to help fight the spread of viruses and bacteria such as COVID-19 (Coronavirus), MRSA, SARS-1, SARS-2, and more.
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Affordable Hospital-Grade Disinfecting

Disinfecting Services In Marietta

The CDC believes that the best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus and they recommend daily preventative actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Our trained professionals are equipped with EPA registered disinfectants that are proven effective against viruses and bacteria.

We use hospital-grade chemicals with advanced electric and electrostatic equipment. We clean and sanitize high traffic surfaces to remove harmful germs. Our fast evaporating process will reach all areas with a kill rate of 99.999% against harmful microorganisms. It is effective even on surfaces other systems can’t reach.

House Disinfection Services

The increasing numbers of people infected with the novel coronavirus, calls for a more rigid means of securing the sanitation of your homes and apartments. To cater to the demands of our clients, we also offer economical house disinfection services in Marietta.

We do all-around methods of cleaning and decontaminating your homes such as wiping all surfaces with eco-friendly disinfectants. Our cleaners also use a 360-degree power sprayer filled with EPA-approved disinfectant to decontaminate a larger surface area inside your premises.

Likewise, our professional cleaners are going to focus more on the high-touch surfaces and areas inside your house and apartment. These high-touch surfaces include doorknobs, switches, remote controls, faucets, soap dispensers, chairs, mobile phones, and handrails.

All of our disinfectants do not require wiping off since it can be readily air-dried. Likewise, it does not leave any harmful residues which are dangerous for kids and pets. Moreover, it is not dangerous for your switches and electrical appliances.

Disinfection Fogging Service

Oftentimes, our clients are confused with the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting services. The main difference lies in the goal of the process. For sanitation, it is the same thing as cleaning, where our cleaners will remove the visible grimes, stains, and soils in vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Cleaning or sanitizing is necessary before we are going to decontaminate and disinfect your place. Through sanitation, we are able to remove the first large layers of dirt and grime in your homes and offices.

In contrast, disinfecting means we are going to kill the viruses, microbes, and bacteria left on your belongings and narrow spaces. During disinfection, our housemaid cleaners are going to wear full protective attire to safeguard themselves from being infected by the virus while decontaminating your place.

All the things and cleaning products we are going to use have passed the standards of EPA and CDC. Before we will go to your place to clean and decontaminate it, we will advise you, your family members, and colleagues to vacate the area first. This is necessary to avoid re-contamination and ensure we can do our job efficiently.

Our bioremediation process will eliminate all those mildews, molds, pathogens, and viruses in your ductworks, floors, walls, ceilings, bathroom, kitchen, and living or lounge area.

disinfecting services
Commercial Disinfection Services

Steam N Fresh is one of the leading local cleaning companies to provide on-time, affordable, and professional disinfection service in the area.

Our cleaners will thoroughly wipe and remove all large debris, soils, and grime on your office floors, walls, bathrooms, lounge area, carpets, chairs, tables, computers, keyboards, mouse, switches, doorknobs, and fixtures.

After cleaning all spaces and things inside your store or office, we are going to use green disinfectants approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to kill all viruses and bacteria sprawling inside your commercial space.

Our office disinfection service is the most cost-efficient in the area. We are passionate about delivering quality cleaning and disinfection services in your business establishments without breaking your bank.

Disinfection Fogging Service
Mosquitoes, insects, and air-borne diseases can be present inside your home and offices. The main reason why we have included a disinfection fogging service in the area. We use both hot and cold processes of fogging your area with the help of our modern electric fogging equipment. Our fogging disinfectant is safe and non-irritant to people and animals. Likewise, it does not leave any toxic residue and has passed the standards imposed by EPA. Through this process, you are more confident that no air-borne viruses are present inside and outside your premises.

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Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning is an owner-operated local small business, so you’re always getting a highly skilled professional, not someone showing up for a paycheck.

At Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning we protect your corners, walls, under the furniture we clean, and non-carpeted floors from foot print and any dirt we may track in. We are here to clean your home not dirty it! We also have a simple, yet revolutionary door sealing system keeping your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

In Marietta, we stand out as the Marietta carpet cleaning experts, with the highest quality carpet cleanings and we bring our customers great value from our multiple services along with our personable service. It would be our pleasure to be your carpet cleaner in Marietta.

At Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning, we love nothing more than building an ongoing relationship with our customers. We love repeat business and referrals, and we are so confident that you will enjoy our excellent service that we offer a no obligations estimate to any potential customer. Call Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning at (678) 306-6068.

We pledge that you will be satisfied that our work is complete and done to the highest professional standards. We will re-clean any areas that you do not feel we did our best. If we cannot please you, then we will give you your money back for those areas and pay another company of your choice to redo them.

Why take a chance with other cleaners when you can call Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning?

We always strive for excellence when we clean. Whether we’re cleaning your carpet, tile, upholstery, or any other surface, you can count on a guaranteed cleaning when you hire us.